During midlife, complexities, responsibilities and obligations of life can cause us to sink into a time of depression and anxiety that can last for years. We worked so hard to build our lives, and now feel overwhelmed by the consequences of some of our decisions.

Midlife crisis

Midlife Crisis

It’s a time when many of reassess their priorities, goals and relationships in life and think about how things may be different for the decades to come

Midlife crisis as it is termed, is a time of difficult transition and change, characterised by the making of decisions that help us through the frustrations, depression and dis-appointments that we may be feeling.

Through counselling your thoughts can become much clearer enabling you to become empower to make the right decisions. You can move into a happier life, having solved the dilemmas and problems that are characterised by depression and sadness. You can make good choices, that are aligned with your true priorities.


If you want a light at the end of the tunnel, we can help you find it.  We won’t judge you and anything you say is confidential. Call or complete the On-line form, for a friendly chat & to book a 30 minute free session.

We can help you with:

Depression and Sadness
Making the right choices.
Thoughts about affairs and moving on
Troubling feelings
Fear, Obligation and Guilt
Becoming empowered to move forward in life
Changing and re-examining priorities
Coping With difficult relationship issues
Issues around jobs, careers and finance.

Available Programmes

Individual counselling sessions

£ 60 per session.

Private,Affordable counselling

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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Online video Counselling

£ 40 for 50 minutes

Private,Affordable, Safe and Secure.

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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