We can help you through counselling and coaching, offering an experienced and qualified counsellor.

Money is a concern for us all and you will be able to talk to your counsellor/mentor to make sure any arrangements are affordable. We shall also make an agreement on any rules and boundaries we need to consider.

We offer an initial 40 minute face to face session for just £35 to help us both decide if we are the right people to help you.

Online Video Counselling.

Support through your busy life for as long as you need it. Video online counselling provides a safe, confidential and convenient way of being supported thought counselling without the need to leave home. We use the reputable ‘plus guidance’ system. Please contact us for more details so that we can invite you as a client to our online facility.  Email and instant messaging counselling is also available.

Individual sessions.

These are carried out in either our dedicated room, or in a local therapy centre. Sessions can be regular; once a week, twice a month, or monthly depending on your needs, and go on for as long as you find them helpful. Each session is 50 minutes long. You will find our counsellors to be on your side, non-judgmental and working in your best interests. These are your sessions, you set the agendas. You will find us gentle and attentive, and we will help you if you get stuck.
Session can be paid for at time, or if in advance. A discount is given for prepaid blocks of 10 session.

Book now for a initial 40 minute consultation for just £35.

Available Programmes

First initial 40 minute consultation

£ 35

Private,Affordable, face to face chat to see

if our service is right for you

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Individual counselling sessions

£ 50 per session.

Private,Affordable counselling

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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Online video Counselling

£ 40 for 50 minutes

Private,Affordable, Safe and Secure.

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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