Relationship problems. Most of us crave closeness to others, and the love that partners and children can bring.  However relationship difficulties  can become a source of doubt, negative self worth, stress and anger. These are often some of the most intense and difficult to solve problems in our lives. We can feel trapped, resentful and not know where to turn.

In many relationship problems, the issues go far beyond partners, with additional stresses added with children, in-laws, friends and work colleagues. Attitudes to relationships – including towards children – are often driven by beliefs and values that were given to us through our parents and other significant people during our childhood.

Counselling can help you explore these attitudes and reveal how and why we relate to people in certain ways. Helping to enhance and appreciate existing family relationships, and any future relationships we may have.

The earlier you seek help to fully understand your relationship problems, the more likely that you will find the right answers.

If you want a light at the end of the tunnel, we can help you find it.  Call or complete the On-line form, for a friendly chat & to book a 30 minute free session .

We can help you with issues such as :

Poor communication
Attachment concerns
Problems relating to others
Improving fragile or damaged relationships 
Thoughts and feelings of separation
Affairs or infidelity
Intimacy and sex
Separation and divorce
Doubt, regret or frustration over children 
Coping with changes in relationships

Available Programmes

Individual counselling sessions

£ 60 per session.

Private,Affordable counselling

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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Online video Counselling

£ 40 for 50 minutes

Private,Affordable, Safe and Secure.

A confidential and helping relationship with a counsellor

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